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Millions of dollars are coming to CT to fight the opioid epidemic. Will it help people in prison?



Moving the Needle




Top legislator calls on commission to reconsider bail reform



Connecticut Superior Court Judges vote to lower bail threshold, raise eligibility



Proposal would end Connecticut’s current bail system



Thousands of mentally ill people in Connecticut released from prison into crisis without enough support



Judicial Panel Votes to Lower Percentage of Cash Bail Paid by Some Defendants



CT prison experience exacerbates mental health problems, experts and inmates say



De facto institutions: In Connecticut 95.5% of prison inmates have mental illness history, report finds



Committee Advances Constitutional Amendment on Bail



Connecticut is considering major bail reform. But it won’t be easy.



A look at Connecticut’s cash bail system



80% of CT prison inmates have mental health or substance abuse issues requiring treatment, report shows




Symposium Explores Solutions for Criminal Justice System



Torrington case prompts proposal to make it illegal to have sexual contact with animals in CT



New Jersey mostly got rid of cash bail. Why hasn’t Connecticut?



The problem of cash bail in CT: ‘They just cannot claw their way out’



State legislators support scrapping prison-stay fees for formerly incarcerated individuals



Legislation would examine Connecticut inmates’ growing mental health crisis



Osten Targets Mental Health Among Incarcerated



Sentencing Commission Pitches Changes




Sentencing Commission to Seek Changes to Sentence Modification Law



Commission Wants To End Claw-Backs From Inmates



Changes To Sex Offender Registry Will Be A Tough Sell



New Sentencing Law Signed




In an election emphasizing absentee ballots, state officials stepping up to help prisoners vote



COVID, cash bail and ‘drive-by therapy’: a deadly combination



Dulos, money bail and an ongoing conversation about bond reform



Conn. Sentencing Commission Will Push For Changes In Sex Offender Registry




State considering alternatives to ‘unjust’ cash bail system



Don’t Miss Another Opportunity To Fix Sex Offender Registry



Senator: Mental illness in CT prisons needs to be examined



Superior Court Judges Change Bond Criteria



Sentencing Commission Makes Last-Minute Plea To Senate



Bail reform would help poor CT defendants, hurt bond industry



Senate to vote on misdemeanor sentences to protect immigrants from deportation



Judge Robert Devlin nominated to Appellate Court



Progressive lawmakers make a push for criminal justice legislation



Bill To Modify Sex Offender Registry Advances




Public Urges Sentencing Commission to Get Behind 364 Day Sentence



Advocates urge shorter prison sentences



Changes could be coming to Connecticut’s sex offender registry



Commission Considers Changes to State Sex-Offender Registry



State sentencing Commission considering controversial changes to sex offender laws