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Connecticut Sentencing Commission Symposium: Criminal Legal System at a Crossroads
The Connecticut Sentencing Commission hosted its symposium on Thursday, November 17, 2022 at the University of Connecticut School of Law. The theme for this year's symposium was “Criminal Legal System at a Crossroads .”
Sentencing Commission’s Proposals to the Judiciary Committee of the General Assembly
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Symposium on the Impact of Disparities on
Connecticut’s Criminal Justice System
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Commission Issues Report on Diversionary Programs in Connecticut
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Commission’s Panel Discussion on Nonmonetary Bail.

About Us

The Sentencing Commission is an independent state criminal justice agency established by law in 2011 to conduct criminal justice policy research. The Commission is a body of senior criminal justice system leaders who convene to coordinate systemic responses to criminal justice problems.

The mission of the commission is to (1) review the state’s existing criminal sentencing structure and any proposed changes to it, including existing statutes, proposed criminal justice legislation, and existing and proposed sentencing policies and practices, and (2) make recommendations to the Governor, the General Assembly, and appropriate criminal justice agencies.

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